Our Quality Guarantee

Quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients that promote energy and the overall health of your pet.

We’ve been dealing with feed for over 3 decades and have put all that experience and know-how into each serving of our product.

Storage and handling; nutritional balancing; and research; They all come together in our no-frills product for a superior pet food at a great-value price.

It’s a product we are proud of.

Kindly remember that all Products are for Animal Consumption Only! Chosen Raw Pet Foods, its suppliers, and their affiliates cannot be responsible for the inappropriate storage and unsafe use of raw meat.

In many formulations from "ALL MEAT" to "TREATS"

Product Image An all-meat formulation without chicken – sourced, prepared, and packaged with care. Learn more
Product Image Our signature 100% blend of meat, egg, fish and poultry, with extra nutrition and needed fibre. Learn more
Product Image This is our signature 100% blend of meat, egg, fish and poultry. Learn more

About RAW

Discover the nutritional advantages of quality raw pet foods.

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A quick “thanks!” to all those who have made Chosen part of their pet’s diet. As always, we love hearing from you and the differences you notice in overall health, so keep those comments coming!

With permission, we’ve assembled a few testimonials here. Take a peek! 🙂

When we were first introduced to Robert from Chosen Raw Pet Foods we knew we had found the perfect diet for our dogs. Our friend had given us about a four week supply. Right away we noticed the dogs transitioned easily onto the food and their stools looked great. Since switching full time to Chosen... View Article
Since introducing Chosen Raw feed to our kennel, our canine athletes have had improved energy, shiny coats, excellent weight control, outstanding health and great appetites. Feeding Chosen Raw has taken our dogs to the next level of care. – Ron & Pam
I've had my boys on the complete feed from the start. Our vet always remarks how healthy the pugs are! ... I am especially impressed with the increased energy they have,... and along with Robert's experience and knowledge of animal nutrition, switching to a raw diet was an easy choice. -Brad
The things that were obvious right away and that I heard form veterinarians were how well my dogs looked, their good weight, their shiny coats, their tough foot pads, and the shine in their eyes. -Bruce
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