Heather & Kris

When we were first introduced to Robert from Chosen Raw Pet Foods we knew we had found the perfect diet for our dogs. Our friend had given us about a four week supply. Right away we noticed the dogs transitioned easily onto the food and their stools looked great.

Since switching full time to Chosen Raw feed, our two pickiest eaters have eaten every meal, maintained good weight and it has improved their coats. All our dogs love it and have performed very well on this diet. We will continue to feed Chosen Raw. – Heather & Kris

Ron & Pam

Since introducing Chosen Raw feed to our kennel, our canine athletes have had improved energy, shiny coats, excellent weight control, outstanding health and great appetites. Feeding Chosen Raw has taken our dogs to the next level of care. – Ron & Pam


“My boys have been on the Chosen Raw diet since 2016. They love it!

“I’ve had my boys on the complete feed from the start. Their coats have become shinier, and stools smaller and less smelly. Our vet always remarks how healthy the pugs are!

“I am especially impressed with the increased energy they have. Walks and trips to the park are our favourite part of the day!

“All the above, along with Robert’s experience and knowledge of animal nutrition made my switch to a raw diet an easy choice.




“After 40 years of caring and feeding dogs, and three decades of racing my dogs in Canada and the United Sates, I’ve been exposed to top veterinarians, nutritionists, dog food companies and methods of feeding. Nothing is more important in our sport than the nutritional requirements needed to run long distances in extreme weather conditions.

“I have been associated with Robert for many years and when he suggested that I try his raw diet, I was anxious to compare and see how it would hold up to previous diets for my dogs.

“Robert supplied me over the last two racing seasons with his premium mix and I am happy to say that I won the majority of races that I went in and placed in the ones I didn’t.

“The things that were obvious right away and that I heard form veterinarians were how well my dogs looked, their good weight, their shiny coats, their tough foot pads, and the shine in their eyes.

“It was apparent to me ever since I met Robert that his top priority was quality ingredients and quality control in producing his feed. I encourage pet owners to try Robert’s premium mix and witness first-hand the benefits that I witnessed and the enjoyment I felt seeing my dogs in such good health.”